Monday, 3 March 2014

Dragon Eyes...

The Magical Dragon eye... 

I'm so excited I finally got a nail trainer hand! They seem creepy and odd to everyone else but to a nail tech they are magical!! I can do what ever I want and not have the hands twitching and moving, or pulling away and playing on the phone. haha
With that being said... I joined a fun little group on facebook along with a bunch of crazy talented nail techs challenging ourselves with nail designs like stiletto nails, sculpted butterfly nails, ocean themed, lace, and so much more. You pretty much at any time can pick one of the designs and do your own interpretation or copy it exact there is no rules and no timelines. So I decided now that I got my trainer hand and want to play with it that I would challenged myself with a dragon eye design.
I did this a while ago but I started this blog post and never finished it!! Oops

 First I added a form to my trainer hand, and sculpted it in all black acrylic
 I added extra black when I had the shape and let it slightly dry so it was matte instead of shiny
 I took a peice of net and dipped it in clear acrylic powder and gently pressed it into the black acrylic
 I pulled the netting out and it left a scaly imprint
 I filled in the imprint with brown and a bronze nude and let that dry
 I filed off the extra and in turn it appeared like reptile scales
 Covered the whole nail in clear gel polish 
 Buffed off the shine of the gel polish to make the nail matte
・Then sculpted the eye with glow in the dark pigments and green acrylic
・went around the eye in black acrylic 
・When the eye was dry I added red acrylic paint in the corner and drew the black line for the eye
・Covered that in clear glaze gel
・Went back and re did the black outline for the eye after the clear gel
・I then added my scales all around the eye in no order, using a dark green and a sparkle.

And there you have it! Isn't is fun? 
There is so many different ways this could be done. Give it a try I would love to see your interpretation
This was the design I used for inspiration:


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  1. so awesome! Love the Coffin Nails you do as well! the stiletto is to much for me... I don't like the pointe tip, but the Coffin nails seem to be a perfect little "in between" (: cant wait to try them out!