Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Coffin Nails

Coffin Nails.. Yah or Nah?
Let me know what you think...
Personally I LOVE coffin nails and I love when my clients try new things like coffin shaped. It's like the best of both- tapered like almonds but still square! I think there very flattering on most hands.

Coffin nails are suppose to be tapered at the tip.. Thats why they are called coffin nails and not square just incase anyone is confused. Clearly nude is very popular right now
The nude is magnetic gold sparkle
I double stamped roses on two fingers. 
So the point of my blog post is NAILPRO  Shared this photo on Facebook and I'm actually SHOCKED by the rude "opinions" and comments from other PROFESSIONAL nail techs. Not just on my photo, mine wasn't that bad but on other nail techs photos as well.  
I honestly could care less if someone thinks these are ugly, I love them, and am proud of the work I do so thats not really the problem. I'm confident in my skills and I am always willing to learn and advance in my profession. 
Here are just a few of the comments
I won't loose sleep at night over comments like this because as a professional nail tech I already know you won't please everyone, not everyone will like you or what you do and there will always be someone better then you out there. The thing is I just can't believe someone who is also a trained professional or in school to become one would be saying ANYTHING rude online. Being rude and close minded won't allow you to advance in this industry. You don't go far by being an asshole. Do you think Gemma Lambert sat around insulting nail techs online? NO!!! She wants to help people. If you don't like something, why not just say what you DO like about it? But honestly If NAILPRO is sharing this photo they obviously like it! That says more to me then any rude comments could.
If a popular nail tech I looked up to was caught dishing comments like that I would completely loose all respect for them and stop following them. So newbie techs remember that when you plan for your future in the industry, being un classy and rude will literally leave you on the bottom, you can't advance with the attitude where you think your better then everyone, because YOUR NOT! Be humble and be nice.    

The comment that gets me the most is the girl who says she could do better, but she's still in school. I'm almost positive her school hasn't got to the networking and professionalism part yet. I'm sure her school would be so proud of her..... *rolling my eyes*

Wait.. it's Wednesday February 26th .. Isn't it anti-bullying day? Odd.. some people didn't get the memo
Are you wearing pink today? 


  1. Dear Sarah, here in Portugal, the things that are said between professionals are similiar to your case and it is very annoying how closed minded some of those called professionals are! What we do is art, it is very amazing how we can do a million things by lines, dots, spots, various nailart on a tiny space that a nail has! We are artists, and in my case, when I see your works I get inspired to know more about this area, try new things, try to be better day after day!
    Although all people have different opinions (it is our right), here we have something that is called respect other professional works! Some people may not like, but... come on!! why being rude?!

    You keep up being an amazing artist, and someday I would like your advise, because you really, really RULE! I'm still new in this area, but I love doing nails (have a course also!) :) !!
    Best regards and keep doing fantastic works!! :D

    Sara Henriques

  2. You are amazing Sarah! I know you wont let them dull your sparkle!

  3. I'm personally not a huge fan of that shape, but thats because that's just not my style. everyone has their own opinion and preferences. I think those nails are gorgeous in their art and while I'd prolly never get that shape myself, you have done an exquisite job of making them a beautiful sight to see. keep on keeping on. those girls obviously cant see past their own foolishness to realize that the ladies who prefer that shape don't give a rats butt about what they think. I'd choose to go to you than anyone like that anyday.

  4. Sarah is amazing at nails and I never leave without a smile on my face and I receive numerous compliments from strangers :) I dont understand why people cant keep scrolling if they have nothing good to say ...... usually because they have personal issues that they need to vent and they take it out on others. Regardless I would never want my nails done by someone who was a poor team player and unsupportive of others in the nail industry. Sarah is always cheerful and a joy to be around ! I look forward to nail days not just cause I get to see what fabulous designs she comes up with next but to see SARAH !!

  5. I love it!!! Im an inspiring nail tech and I have worn this shape of nails and people loved it. Here in DC, they love trends....right now everybody is rocking the 'kitten nail'. Im sure the coffin is not far behind. Ur replies back to them were hilarious btw lol.

  6. she goes to school for COSMOLOGY though...she need to go take some SPELLING classes...a grain of salt! I love this shape and now have an exact name for it! GO GIRL!!!

  7. I'm obsessed with this shape and have been trying to perfect the shape for months. I would love to see a tutorial! Also eff the haters! Know that for every hater there is someone who loves what you do!!