Saturday, 27 July 2013

Which would you choose?

I made a collage of which would you choose on these 9 almond nail designs and I got A LOT of responses check my page for details 
It seems as though #6 was a favourite 
Which would you sport?
Keep in mind I know a lot of people dislike almond nails but if you HAD to wear them which would you wear? I pick #1 (those were already mine tehe)

1. Pointy Yellow with studs
2. Tiffany blue almond with crystals 
3. White with roses and studs
4. Long nude with roses  and crystals
5. Short pointy snake skin with roses and studs
6. Matte Red w/leopard and crystal accent nail 
7. Mint green and silver with 3D sculpted bow
 8. Girly hot pink with crystals and bows
 9. Galaxy Almond



  1. 5 and 8 are both really nice! Actually, they're all really nice .___. You're so talented <3

  2. my hands look funny with anything but square nails, but if i HAD to....i would pick #7