Monday, 3 March 2014

Dragon Eyes...

The Magical Dragon eye... 

I'm so excited I finally got a nail trainer hand! They seem creepy and odd to everyone else but to a nail tech they are magical!! I can do what ever I want and not have the hands twitching and moving, or pulling away and playing on the phone. haha
With that being said... I joined a fun little group on facebook along with a bunch of crazy talented nail techs challenging ourselves with nail designs like stiletto nails, sculpted butterfly nails, ocean themed, lace, and so much more. You pretty much at any time can pick one of the designs and do your own interpretation or copy it exact there is no rules and no timelines. So I decided now that I got my trainer hand and want to play with it that I would challenged myself with a dragon eye design.
I did this a while ago but I started this blog post and never finished it!! Oops

 First I added a form to my trainer hand, and sculpted it in all black acrylic
 I added extra black when I had the shape and let it slightly dry so it was matte instead of shiny
 I took a peice of net and dipped it in clear acrylic powder and gently pressed it into the black acrylic
 I pulled the netting out and it left a scaly imprint
 I filled in the imprint with brown and a bronze nude and let that dry
 I filed off the extra and in turn it appeared like reptile scales
 Covered the whole nail in clear gel polish 
 Buffed off the shine of the gel polish to make the nail matte
・Then sculpted the eye with glow in the dark pigments and green acrylic
・went around the eye in black acrylic 
・When the eye was dry I added red acrylic paint in the corner and drew the black line for the eye
・Covered that in clear glaze gel
・Went back and re did the black outline for the eye after the clear gel
・I then added my scales all around the eye in no order, using a dark green and a sparkle.

And there you have it! Isn't is fun? 
There is so many different ways this could be done. Give it a try I would love to see your interpretation
This was the design I used for inspiration:


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Coffin Nails

Coffin Nails.. Yah or Nah?
Let me know what you think...
Personally I LOVE coffin nails and I love when my clients try new things like coffin shaped. It's like the best of both- tapered like almonds but still square! I think there very flattering on most hands.

Coffin nails are suppose to be tapered at the tip.. Thats why they are called coffin nails and not square just incase anyone is confused. Clearly nude is very popular right now
The nude is magnetic gold sparkle
I double stamped roses on two fingers. 
So the point of my blog post is NAILPRO  Shared this photo on Facebook and I'm actually SHOCKED by the rude "opinions" and comments from other PROFESSIONAL nail techs. Not just on my photo, mine wasn't that bad but on other nail techs photos as well.  
I honestly could care less if someone thinks these are ugly, I love them, and am proud of the work I do so thats not really the problem. I'm confident in my skills and I am always willing to learn and advance in my profession. 
Here are just a few of the comments
I won't loose sleep at night over comments like this because as a professional nail tech I already know you won't please everyone, not everyone will like you or what you do and there will always be someone better then you out there. The thing is I just can't believe someone who is also a trained professional or in school to become one would be saying ANYTHING rude online. Being rude and close minded won't allow you to advance in this industry. You don't go far by being an asshole. Do you think Gemma Lambert sat around insulting nail techs online? NO!!! She wants to help people. If you don't like something, why not just say what you DO like about it? But honestly If NAILPRO is sharing this photo they obviously like it! That says more to me then any rude comments could.
If a popular nail tech I looked up to was caught dishing comments like that I would completely loose all respect for them and stop following them. So newbie techs remember that when you plan for your future in the industry, being un classy and rude will literally leave you on the bottom, you can't advance with the attitude where you think your better then everyone, because YOUR NOT! Be humble and be nice.    

The comment that gets me the most is the girl who says she could do better, but she's still in school. I'm almost positive her school hasn't got to the networking and professionalism part yet. I'm sure her school would be so proud of her..... *rolling my eyes*

Wait.. it's Wednesday February 26th .. Isn't it anti-bullying day? Odd.. some people didn't get the memo
Are you wearing pink today? 

Monday, 25 November 2013

Winter Nail Porn

Hey Everyone!!
It's been a while...  
I haven't been posting much lately, or really at all because I just don't have the time!!! I'm also busy moving so thats exciting =) I get to re decorate a new nail room which is the best part.
Shop till I drop!
 New Demask table Cloth
Cherry Blossom Privacy screen
I painted the room "touch of grey" 
I'm so excited for christmas and have already had a lot of my clients get into the christmas spirit with their nail art! Have you started getting christmas nails yet? Too soon? NAHHHH
My fav set so far are these fun red and greens 
Tis the season to be nailed
and iv been doing lots of whimsical snowflake inspired sets 
All Things Winter
Jingle Chills
^Inspired by Natasha does nails ^
Winter Rose
This client I always look forward to because she loves 3D and so do I aren't these fun?

I have had time to get my nails done as well and had a bunch of clients copy me! I usually go for simple, nudes, one color, and always crystals but this time I made them very sparkly!
can you say Fabulouuuussss
Counting down the days till christmas, only one month today!!! & with all these winter nails I'm really ready for some snow!
Please snow, please snow

Thanks for visiting my little blog Ill try my absolute hardest to post more often and make more videos!

For pictures and mini videos please check out my
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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Nail Art

Here are some of my fav sets I'v done lately 
 Polka dots, Bows and crystals OH MY!!!
 These were done with REAL net inlayed! and hand painted roses
Finally someone wanted smile lines with their almond nails! hand painted leopard
 Naughty and nice, kiss me twice
This Sparkle color from blazin nails is a HIT! 
You can't go wrong with tiffany blue
Girly and glam the bows are 3D sculpted
Rainbow net imprint! So so so FUN!!!

Another girly set but with some bad ass studs
And these are my sexy nails! I never want to take them off

 Thanks for visiting...

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Saturday, 27 July 2013

Which would you choose?

I made a collage of which would you choose on these 9 almond nail designs and I got A LOT of responses check my page for details 
It seems as though #6 was a favourite 
Which would you sport?
Keep in mind I know a lot of people dislike almond nails but if you HAD to wear them which would you wear? I pick #1 (those were already mine tehe)

1. Pointy Yellow with studs
2. Tiffany blue almond with crystals 
3. White with roses and studs
4. Long nude with roses  and crystals
5. Short pointy snake skin with roses and studs
6. Matte Red w/leopard and crystal accent nail 
7. Mint green and silver with 3D sculpted bow
 8. Girly hot pink with crystals and bows
 9. Galaxy Almond


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

My Nails

Lately I have had troubles finding the time, energy and motivation to do my own nails! I had my square engagement nails on before and decided I really just don't like square anymore. 
So Almond is back!!
I decided to do the whole base just sparkly nude. Then when it comes time to fill them I can keep doing nude and do a gel polish so that I actually do them since it will be easier. 

Here they are Fabulous snake skin almond nails 

 And here is a photo of my ring

I'm doing them again soon, keeping the nude color and changing the design I'll post pictures again soon xxo

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


Hey Everyone!!! 
Thanks for visiting my Blog 

      I have been asked to make a tutorial on these stained glass nails but I didn't have time to film it so here is a pictorial
Items used: Dollar nail art transfer foil and the glue provided with that order.

This was a full set so I first sculpted the base in clear and filed it into shape

Coverer the while nail with sparkly white acrylic ( I used OPI with sparkles added to it)

Using the glue the transfer foil came with I covered the white acrylic with it. It goes on with a blue tint and when it dries it goes clear takes about a min to dry give or take

I used 4 colors of foil 

When the glue is dry I stamp the foil on randomly one by one

The side you place on the nail is the dull brown side. If it doesn't go on well add more glue, and whip off the brown on the transfer foil with acetone and try again. 

I started with the lighter pink color first, then added darker colors, then the shimmer colors.

You need to be semi quick with it or else the glue dries

If that happens just add more glue and try again It took me a few tries to figure out how to use it so don't give up!! It's really easy when you get the hang of it.

I keep adding foil till the majority of the nail is covered. It's not suppose to look perfect so just have fun with it and find what works best for you.

When your happy with your foil placement cover in clear acrylic, let that dry, then file and buff the nail.

Now the fun part! Stamping!!!

I used Bundle monster brand stamping plate # 208

Stamp all the buffed nails

Add embellishments if you like, I used Swarovski crystals. 

Cover the stamp in a gel top coat. (I used INM clear glaze)

 How cute are these??!!! You can do it with any color, use inlays instead of foil, or different stamps to get different effects. 
Thanks for checking out my pictorial! If there is any videos you request you can comment on here, my youtube, or my facebook page

xoxo Sarah